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Sylvania Mini Tablet Android 7"

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  • Código EXPANSYS: 208011
  • , UPC: 886004000044
  • , Mfr: SYNET7LP
  • , Marca: Sylvania

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Sylvania Mini Tablet Android 7" Descripción

Put down your old, heavy computer and pick up SYLVANIA’s light and fun to use Mini Tablet. This affordable tablet will change the way you access content forever, providing Internet connectivity, thousands of Android Apps and instant access to your media library. The SYLVANIA Mini Tablet is packed with entertaining and useful features, yet thin and light enough to fit comfortably in purses, backpacks or carry-ons. Explore a whole new way to enjoy web browsing, reading, shopping and more.

Always Connected
Built in WiFi (802.11 b/g) allows you to connect to the Internet anywhere a WiFi hotspot exists: the airport, the library, any room in your home or a favorite coffee shop. Check email, news, fantasy leagues and stocks from anywhere and never miss a beat on all your favorite blogs. Web pages display effortlessly on the Mini Tablet’s seven-inch, high resolution (800 x 480) screen. With a free Gmail account your tablet seamlessly syncs your email, contacts, calendars and more.

Enjoy having your media library on hand whether at family get togethers, out to breakfast or on overseas flights. With the SYLVANIA Mini Tablet you are touches away from sharing memories from your latest vacation with your family, relaxing to your favorite tunes or getting lost in a new eBook.

Easily transfer files with two mini USB ports and a Micro SD card slot. Uploading photos and videos to Facebook or YouTube is a snap. Create status updates from anywhere so all your friends are in the loop from across the street or across the globe.

Always Something New and Different
The SlideME Android App store provides a wide variety of free and paid applications ready to be loaded onto your tablet. See a game you like, install and begin playing in a matter of seconds. Easily add more applications or delete ones you no longer want for a tablet experience that is always changing and never boring.

Download games, fitness and exercise tools, travel guides, budget managers and thousands more applications for fun, education and productivity. The customization options are endless with SlideME’s easily searchable app categories.

SYLVANIA’s Mini Tablet offers convenient expansion with a Micro SD slot that will hold up to 16GB of storage. This expansion allows your tablet to always be up for different tasks, one day housing your massive music collection and another storing movies for a long car ride or presentations to take to the office.

Always Up-to-Date Using our built-in Software Update utility, keep up with the latest software updates by downloading them straight from your device. Updates are also planned for future versions of Google’s Android software which will introduce new features and improvements. As long as it is hardware supported, the Software Update utility will easily upgrade you to the newest versions of Android: Froyo, Gingerbread and beyond.

Key Specifications
  • Customized Operating System, based on Android 2.2
  • 1 Ghz ARM 11 Processor
  • 2GB Flash
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 7” resistive touchscreen with High Resolution TFT(800 X 480 pixels)
  • 1400mah rechargeable polymer battery
  • HDMI Output
  • Headphone Jack, DC Jack
  • 2 Mini USB slots
  • Micro SD Card (up to 16 MB)
  • Software OS Updateable
  • Peso embalado: 0.79kg

Características técnicas

  • Processor Arm 11,1GHz
  • Internal Memory 256MB RAM
  • Internal Storage 2GB Flash
  • External Memory Micro SD CARD(UP TO 16GB)
  • Connectivity Wifi 802.11 b/g
  • Connect 2 Mini USB slots
  • DC jack Yes
  • HDMI output Yes
  • Earphone jack Yes
  • Battery 1400mah rechargeable polymer battery

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